–:Big D – Guitar & Vocals:–

Big D is from Tasmania, and moved to the Gold Coast in 2007. He has been on the music scene since the early 80s, playing in Bands, Duo’s, Trio’s and Solo and every style of music from Heavy Metal to Country, Folk, Blues & Jazz over that time.  In the late 80’s he converted to Acoustic Fingerpicking Guitar, and rarely touches an electric these days. and He was also a guitar teacher for many years in the late 80’s / early 90’s.

Acoustic blues has always been a favourite, and he played in the Shotgun Blues Band in Tasmania, as well as lots of solo work before moving to QLD.

Dean also plays in “Melody Graves and the Hokum Redemption” which is a 5 piece Swing / Jazz 5 piece band that plays in Brisbane as well.